Welcome to our Church!

Remember your first day of school? How scared you might have been looking at all the people you didn’t know. Sometimes visiting a church is just like that. If you know something about a group of people when you walk into their midst for the first time, your fears are erased. Here are some things about us and what you can expect:

  • We’ll be happy you joined us! You’ll be welcome of course. But that’s not all. It’s all about relationships, especially spiritual relationships. We’ll treat you as a fellow adventurer in life, a seeker, a brother or sister in Christ.
  • We’ll share our stories! Joy shared is multiplied, and sorrow shared eases the burdens of life. And we’ll pray for and with you as we seek guidance and direction together.
  • We’ll worship with you! That’s our time to work on our relationship with God – from expressing our love to raising doubts.
  • We’ll fellowship with you! There’s always a time after worship for us to share a little something to eat & drink as we share something of ourselves as well.
  • We’ll learn together! Lessons learned together help us all grow closer – to each other and to God .
  • We’ll celebrate you. Each one of us has been created as a unique gift to the world. The world celebrates the gift of you on your birthday; we celebrate the gift of you when you’re with us; and God celebrates the gift of you every day!

Join us as we discover how to respond to what God has done in our lives; what God has given us to be stewards of; and what God sets before us as we look to the future together!

Service times

Please join us for worship at 10:00 a.m. every Sunday,.

For more information

We would really like to get to know you better. Please call our church office at 402-735-7369.

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Our Mission Projects

  • Gresham Summer Ball Program
  • Gresham Public Library Summer Reading Program
  • Centennial School Milk Fund
  • Blue Valley Community Action
  • York County Food Pantry


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